January 3, 2012

Hello, Murakami!

The January Norwegian Wood readalong is upon us!  Today is the official start over at Reading Rambo.  I've only read one book by Murakami: After the Quake, a collection of short stories.  This was several years ago, but I have very positive memories of his writing and storylines.

I haven't started Norwegian Wood yet -- I think I'll pick it up later in the week once I've made a bigger dent in Volt.  I have a lot of hardbacks on my TBR, so it'll be nice to have a slim paperback to put in my purse instead of lugging a brick around this month.

I've never done a readalong before, so I'm veryvery excited about this! 


  1. Hurray!!

    I feel like this is so short everyone's going to finish it immediately except me, because I Am Lazy, and then I'm gonna be like "Hey guys, wait up!" but everyone will have moved on to bigger, shinier books.

    Or something. In the meantime, wooo Murakami.

  2. Somehow, I ended up reading this, The Great Gatsby, and The Book Thief this month. Apparently, I want to be very depressed in 2012.

    But yay for our first readalong!

  3. I am also reading a gigantic-ass book, so reading a few chapters at a time of this will be a nice little refresher every now and then.

    Hurray! I'm excited to start the readathon!

  4. heya--I'm late joining the readlong, but I wanted to stop by and say that I'm now following you so that I can see all of your Norwegian Wood updates.

  5. As the Crowe Flies and Reads--
    So glad you joined the readalong! Thanks!


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