acer aspire s13

Cheap Acer Aspire S 13 Laptop Under $500 Review


In some cases, people want to have the kind of light laptop. Yes, it is because having the kinds of the light laptop will ease them in their mobility. We all know that there are many choices of it in the market, as the consideration. One of the cheap laptop, which can be the great option, is Acer Aspire S 13. Acer is one of the special manufacture and the products of it are known having special quality. Now, let us see the detail of its specs below.

Acer Aspire S13 Review


For the first, let us see the design of this Acer Aspire S 13. Here, Acer applies some kinds of color choices to pleasant their customer. The choices of color are silver slab, obsidian-black color and textured Nano-imprint cover. It will give the sleek design of the laptop and increase the modern sight of it. The deck of this laptop is made from aluminum. The use of aluminum here is to increase the durability of the laptop and it will be free from corrode. For the screen, the size of it is 13 inches. Compact and easy to be brought.


With the 13 inches in screen size, this laptop is one of the compact laptop and it will be nice to do some college businesses. Here, we will talk more about the display of it. In order to give the nice display, the manufacture has 1080 pixel in screen density to increase its sharpness. In other hand, there is a new tech inside the laptop, which make the people are easy to adjust the color combination of the laptop. However, the laptop still has problem when it is used at outdoor with much of sunshine.


Before choosing this cheap laptop under 500 as your favorite, let us see the performance of it. For the performance of this laptop, the manufacture applies 6th-Generation Core i5-6200U processor. Yes, it is one of the special processor. We all know that the processor is the brain of the laptop. The use of processor here will give 2.5 GHz in access speed and it will be nice to assist you in browsing the internet. The performance of this laptop is increased by the use of 8-GB RAM there.

The RAM inside this laptop is one of the compact size for the college laptop. By the use of compact RAM here, I am sure that people will never find any problem in running their kind of app. Then, how about the storage of this laptop? We all know that the storage also becomes one of the consideration of people before choosing their favorite laptop. Here, this laptop has 256GB of SSD and it is updatable. The SSD here is nice with its 167.7 MB per second of transfer rate!

One of the product of Acer here can be the one of special choice for you. As the one of light laptop, it offers some kinds of special technologies and specifications to assist you fulfilling your need. Then, the price of it is around $450. I am sure it can be the great laptop under $500 for you all.

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