Cheap Asus x453m Laptop with Windows 8.1 Original


Cheap Asus x453m Laptop

Asus x453m laptop is warmly discussed by laptop users in the world. The latest variant of Asus provides an alternative option for new laptop hunters who want a product with a relatively complete specification. Asus expertise in creating high-quality laptops has been proven in some versions of previous products. So what about the performance of this x453m? Is the overall feature is quite comparable with the price of Asus x453m laptop? Of course, we have to see it in detail. Physically, the design of this laptop is not much different from its predecessor version. The screen is still carrying the size of 14 inches from Intel HD. This time the quality of colors and graphics are displayed much more clearly.

From the design and price of Asus x453m laptop, this variant is very interesting for those who love to choose colors for gadgets. Asus provides a variety of standard colors and some striking colors like pink. As the kitchen runway laptop, Asus immerse Intel Dual Core N2840 as the processor. The capacity of this processor is 2.58 GHz. The processor will work optimally after getting full support from the availability of 2GB of RAM. Capacity is already quite enough if only used for office activities, school, or college. Although the price of Asus x453m laptop is quite affordable, this variant will be very hard when used for certain types of jobs such as video editing, 3D gaming, design and so on.

Some advantages also accompany the birth price of Asus x453m laptop on the market. Asus is one of the electronics factories that are very loyal to its customers, no wonder if the top-class features can be included in cheap products. One of the advantages of using x453m is the availability of the operating system directly from the purchase. You will get the original Microsoft Windows version 8.1 since you purchased the laptop product from the distributor. Also, additional features such as DVD RW will also complement your productivity. This is quite helpful because some Asus products that have a thin body does not have a DVD RW on its side. Of course, this makes the price of Asus x453m laptop is very comparable.

Although you can get a lot of benefits from Asus x453m laptop, you also have to prepare for some shortcomings that exist in this product. One drawback that can be taken into consideration is the unavailability of hard drive capacity is large enough. Asus laptop for engineering students only carries 500 GB hard drive only. As a new laptop, certainly less steady if the processor is still using dual core. While other products outside the price range of Asus x453m laptops already use Core i3 and i5, you still have to be patient in using the dual-core version only.

Although you find some points that cause disappointment, features and specifications are quite satisfactory users. One of the interesting enough is the existence of a complete connections such as USB version 3.0, card reader, HDMI port, Bluetooth, WiFi, and so forth.

The price of the new Asus x453m WX223B laptop is around $300, while the second price is still above $100. From the prices offered, you can decide which version you should buy, whether new or second.

Although the price tag is fairly moderate, some people still think again to buy an Asus Laptop with the budget. However, if we compare with equivalent market products, you will feel that there are many new features and better performance in them. If you want to feel the performance of new laptops is different, follow the latest price of Asus x453m laptop.