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Original Adapter iPad Charger (12W) Model A1401

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Adapter iPad Charger A1401

This charger has an output power of 12W (5.2V == 2.4A). This charger can quickly charge iPad. So you do not have to wait too long to refresh your iPad.

adapter charger iPad

The characteristics of original adapter iPad charger are:

  • There is a serial number on the inside of the charger.
  • Printed writings clear and neat.
  • There is a warning note about charger usage

In addition to the above physical characteristics, other original characteristics are:

  • No sounds during charging. If there is a sound “nging, ….” it’s a bad or damaged charger.
  • Not make your iPad hang during charging.
  • There is “Safety Auto Cut” feature. (If you forget to unplug the charger, this charger will automatically stop).
  • Body smooth white and slippery
  • Body feels heavy, not light like KW stuff
  • Fast Charging 12W

Compatible For:

  • IPad 1,
  • IPad 2,
  • IPad 3,
  • IPad 4,
  • IPad Air 1,
  • IPad Air 2,
  • IPad Pro,

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