Is Your Laptop Frequent to Restart Alone? These are The Causes and the Solutions

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Tips to resolve laptop restart itself. Often we find a problem on our notebook. One of the problems I’ve encountered and quite annoying of course is the laptop problem often restart itself. If once twice still mending, but if too often this a little annoying.

Especially when you’re busy writing like this, or maybe are making graphic design, and even during the process of editing or rendering video. At such a critical moment and then our laptop restart itself, of course, make the work we do disturb, even could be the result of our work is in the process of being lost. Things like this make it very uncomfortable, is not it?

For that problem, this one should be addressed, so as not to disrupt our performance again. Many things and factors that make laptops often restart by itself. Of course, how to handle it is different – different for each problem that arises. Well, this time I want to share a few tips to solve the problem. Maybe not all the factors I will write, only what I consider important and often the primary factor in this issue I will describe later.

How to Solve a Laptop That Restarts Itself

1. Processor is too hot

Processors that overheat or overheat are one of the main causes of laptops often restarting. To check the level of overheating of our laptops can be done in several ways including:

Can view temperature conditions in the Hardware Monitor menu in the BIOS program.

Can also use the help of temperature monitoring program as I use the CPUID Hardware Monitor.

Overheat conditions in the processor can be caused by several factors that I can summarize are:

The inner state of the laptop keeps a lot of dust – dust that accumulates, so the flow of air circulation becomes slightly disturbed. And the effect is to make the inner heat of the laptop itself.

Thermal paste, which is on the processor and the cooler is dry or even gone.

The condition of laptop storage space which is quite hot.

After knowing the cause, the next step is to do the handling of each cause, steps that can be taken include:

Perform cleaning on the inside of the laptop, which is cleaning the dust in it can use cloth and cloth. If still afraid or hesitant to disassemble and clean your laptop. It is better to take it to the service center to get proper and optimal handling and to minimize the negative impact that can arise.

Add enough thermal paste to the processor and cooler, so that the cooling line can become more optimal again, and less heat can be reduced.

Note the place of placement or storage of our laptop, try not to put in a hot place.

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2. Virus attacks your laptop

It is also possible that the computer is exposed to a virus, the virus makes memory work become burdened by doing the same process repeatedly. Thus the laptop can be restarted – restart by itself.

3. The condition of RAM is not healthy

Usually the laptop can still live and run normally but then will restart at certain times. Although all hardware is in good condition the problem persists. Then I try to replace the RAM with another, and the result of the laptop can run regularly.

4. Harddisk experiencing bad sector

Other causes that can make the laptop restart by itself is a damaged hard drive or bad sectors. With such hard disk, conditions can bring the laptop to hang, the laptop cannot boot, appear bluescreen, or continuously do a restart. To fix and prevent that happening on your hard drive then kila can run scandisk or checkdisk program, defrag hard disk regularly, and also make sure always turn off laptop properly, that is with system shutdown.

That’s some important points I’ve mentioned all. If it feels less or not appropriate, I hope you can provide input for the future. Hopefully, this article is useful for those who are addressing similar issues. Thank you for visiting.